This could be the start of something new.


And magical.

And life-changing.

Just like that opening scene in High School Musical where Troy and Gabriella meet and sing together for the first time.

They have no idea how much their worlds are going to shift or what pushback they’re going to face, but in the end, they figure out who they’re supposed to be and what their dreams are.

I hope that by the end of 2019, I can sit down and re-read this blog post and say the exact same thing.

I hope I can say that every ounce of pushback–every struggle–was worth it.

That I figured out who I’m supposed to be and what my dreams are.

That through every achievement and every setback, I continued to grow as a person. That I learned something. 

But, for now, I think I’ll keep fighting and keep working hard.

I’ll keep challenging myself.

I’ll keep hoping.

Cheers to the new year, new opportunities, and a new book full of 365 blank pages.