All in


I started writing seriously at 16.

I fell in love with writing so much that it was all I wanted to do. And no matter how much I had going on in my life, I always made time to do it. I always made time to write.

Then, I got older. 

Making time to write got harder. Make excuses as to why I wasn’t writing got easier. “Inspiration” became a fickle “friend.” I lost the discipline I once had.

To be honest, I still haven’t quite gotten that discipline back. Sometimes, I’m scared I never will. Most of the time the fear of writing something “bad” prevents me from even picking up a pen or sitting down at a computer (like I’m doing right now).

But not anymore.

I’m done making excuses for myself. I’m done letting fear hold me back.

I’m establishing my own platform. I’m finding my voice. I’m growing into the writer I’m meant to be. And I’m doing it with every ounce of passion and determination I’ve got.

I’m all in.